The inspiration behind this model was to have something a bit longer for those who prefer lengthy toys without too much extra girth. This toy features three protruding 'trib' points designed for subtle external stimulation near the base, which are soft and flexible. This design is notably plant inspired, but also grabbed some inspiration from insects, and nature as a whole.

This toy also features three asymmetrical bulb-like swells, and a defined ribbed texture along the back of the shaft which may also add to the potential external stimulation this particular model has to offer. The head is uniquely shaped, with a wide opening akin to an ovipositor, and is gently tapered to allow for easier insertion.


 Art by @hypnoharem 


 DImensions (Approximate:)


Medium Large
Usable Length


7" 8"
Total Length
6.2" 8" 9"
Max Circ (shaft) 5.3" 6.5" 7.5"
Min Circ (shaft) 3" 3.5" 4.5"






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