General Disclaimer: 

All of our models are 3D Sculpted, printed, and finished by hand- this may lead to small surface imperfections, but these imperfections are purely cosmetic and will not effect the use of your toy, or your toy's structural integrity. We try our best, but as with anything finished by hand, cosmetic variations are inevitable and will not be subject to full or partial refunds. 

Toys that we consider 'flops' are toys with significant defects and will be marked as 'flawed' and marked down by a percentage to accommodate for the fact that they do not pass our normal quality standards.

Small scuffs, dents, nicks in squishies, pigment speckles, entrapped pigment which can not be felt, slight leans, minute variations in firmness which can be attributed to the pigments used or excessive boiling by the buyer, or imperfect trimming, are not considered flaws, and will not be subject to refunds or discounts or repours. 

Everything from WV is manufactured and handled in a smoke-free, dog-friendly home. We advise all buyers to wash their purchases upon receipt, but we strongly encourage you to do so if you have pet allergies. 



Wyvernsvault exclusively uses skin-safe, 100% pure platinum cure silicone for casting adult toys and squishies and silc-pig- along with mica pigments with cosmetic-safe ratings and silicone-safe glow powders. 



We can not accept returns or refunds due to the nature of our products- the only instances where we will accept exchanges is if an error has been made on our part. If silicone toys or squishies have been removed from their packaging in the instance of the wrong item being received, exchanges will not be accepted- by opening the packaging on your items, you are acknowledging that the product you have received is the correct product.



We do not accept cancellations. Please be sure of your purchase prior to placing your order. 


Shipping Policies:

Made-To-Order products typically are made and shipped within two weeks from the day of purchase, depending on our current queue of orders. 

Inventory items are typically shipped within 4-10 business days, but may take longer if you have added any made-to-order items to your cart at the time of purchase. 

Orders will be marked as 'shipped' at the time the shipping label is paid for and printed, but may not be in transit for an additional 3-4 business days afterwards, to allow us to drop off more orders at once. We are currently only able to drop off orders once a week. 

Shipping estimates are not guarantees- particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please allow an additional few weeks on top of the estimated delivery date for your parcel to arrive, or consider upgrading your shipping to a more expensive, but quicker option. This applies to orders sent within Canada, as well as to the USA and Internationally.

Items that are marked as return-to-sender, due to incorrect addresses, an incorrect addressee, or any other reason that would not be considered our error, will not be re-shipped at our expense. While this rarely occurs, buyers who have had their parcels marked as return-to-sender will be required to pay for shipping again, as the return-to-sender fee will force us to already eat the initial cost of shipping.


Please note: to protect ourselves, we reserve the right to cancel orders shipped to reshipment facilities at our discretion. Any order that is flagged by shopify will be subject to our scrutiny and likely cancelled. This is due to a recent trend in chargebacks and suspicious orders placed with us. 



Guided Customs / Surprises:

As indicated in the title, guided customs are precisely that- guided- what that means is you provide a prompt or direction, and we use our artistic vision and liberty to make something in our minds eye. 


What we can't and won't guarantee: That you'll receive something similar or identical to a specific pour you have in mind. 


What we can guarantee: That you'll receive something unique and one of a kind in the colors, firmness, and with any additives  you've requested and paid for. 


Guided customs are not for everyone! While we try our best, there's always a chance you might dislike what you receive. We can't guarantee you'll love it- that is why we recommend guided customs only to folks who don't have specific expectations or a precise vision. These aren't full customs, and should not be treated as such.