About Us



Despite using "Us" and "We" and "Our" interchangeably, WyvernsVault is completely a single person owned-and-operated shop- I am Dany, and I am the sole maker, owner, and craftsman here at WyvernsVault.

I've dabbled in mixed media commission work for many years, and silicone casting and molding has been my most recent venture- (and, arguably, my biggest passion and something I've wanted to do since I first discovered fantasy toys well over half a decade ago.)

I am located in southeastern Manitoba- and as of January 2024, still the sole fantasy toy maker in my entire province!

Wyvernsvault was established in mid 2019, and officially opened in September of 2019- I started growing my business with drawstring bags and kegel eggs, which have funded everything that came afterwards (plushies, fantasy toys, and other random things) My shop's social media presence only became prevalent in mid/late 2020, where my shop really took off and started growing and my name got out there a little more.


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