Frequently Asked Questions

Products & Services

  • What are your products made out of?

    All of our squishies and adult toys are made out of 100% platinum cure silicone, a body-safe, durable, non-porous, and hygienic material which can be sanitized and cleaned. 


    We work in a variety of firmnesses, and firmnesses are typically specified in our listing titles for squishies, and always specified in our listing titles for insertable or penetrable products. 


    WyvernsVault uses both standard and UV Reactive Silc-Pig (Made by Smooth-On, our silicone manufcaturer) and cosmetic-grade mica pigments. We also use glow pigments that are compatible with silicone in many of our products.  

  • Do you accept custom order requests, or can you recreate a pour you've done in the past for me?

    We unfortunately do not accept custom order requests on a general basis. Recreating past pours also falls under the same category of custom order requests. 


    All of our products are one of a kind, and all of the colors in our pours are manually mixed and combined to get the desired result- duplicating something we've done in the past requires the same amount of work and effort, if not more due to the nature of color matching. 


    Occasionally we will open up GUIDED CUSTOM slots for specific items for special occasions, but this only happens a couple of times per year. Anything concerning guided custom slots will be advertised in advance on Twitter to give folks a heads up! 


    We also take pour requests once a month, typically two weeks prior to a scheduled drop. If there is a pour of ours you would like to see again, please reply to our pour request thread with a photo of it and firmness, and we might be able to do it! 

  • Did you forget to upload the (model name) listings?

    Mostly likely no! Sometimes, especially for very new and highly anticipated products, specific models/sizes will sell out within minutes of being dropped. If you're on time or early for the drop, your odds of getting whichever elusive critter you're after will be increased! 

  • I had an item in my cart, but I got an error message when I tried to checkout with it?

    Keep in mind while shopping with us, or most other indies using Shopify, that multiple customers can cart the same item! 


    The way Shopify is set-up doesn't easily allow for a cart-hold feature to be implemented (a function that reserves a listing for you once you add it to your cart for a certain amount of time) and most available apps and plug-ins only can add a timer to your cart, which doesn't reserve the item for you. 


    90% of the time, getting an error message when trying to check-out simply means someone else checked out with an item you wanted before you did! 


    10% of the time, there's an issue with the information you entered for your specified method of payment- try another payment method/card if this happens! 


    Certain colorations and firmnesses are more popular than others, and there are sometimes listings that an upwards of ten people can be trying to snag! If you hesitate while purchasing, chances are that someone else might get it first. 

  • What firmnesses do you offer, and what are they comparable to?

    We cast our products in a variety of firmnesses, ranging from the Supersoft 00-20 to Medium 00-50.  We exclusively source our casting materials from Smooth-On's EcoFlex and DragonSkin line-ups.


    Supersoft / 00-20 


    The softest silicone we offer, akin to a gummy worm candy or fatty tissue.  Supersoft is a personal favorite for both myself, and for many others with sensory sensitivities, arthritic hands, or carpal tunnel. We pour a LOT of squishies designed for exactly that, so you'll frequently see a lot of Supersoft items in our drops. 


    Supersoft silicones may be slightly tacky and may scuff/mark up/tear easier than others, but are very easy to handle/squish. Textures and details in 00-20 may feel less intense than they might in firmer silicones. Supersoft silicones have less elongation and tensile strength than many others, and products cast in Supersoft silicone may require additional care while handling by extension.


    Supersoft is also the most common choice for both packers and for penetrable toys, as it compresses and stretches more easily than the alternatives. 


    Soft / 00-30  


    Soft is a good compromise between Supersoft 00-20 and Medium 00-50- its stronger than 00-20, and gentler than 00-50. Soft silicone also doesn't feel as ‘tacky’ as 00-20, and has better tensile/stretch strength for tugging/pulling. 


    Soft is generally a safe choice for most beginners, and for something a little larger than your preferred size range, or for those who are sensitive but still prefer something with a bit less give than Supersoft. 


    Soft firmness is comparable to a gel insole or soft, unflexed muscle. 


    Medium / 00-50 


    Medium is arguably the most common firmness for insertable products, and is also very popular- it's the strongest, most durable and firmest of the silicones we currently offer. The firmness of our medium silicone is comparable to that of a rubber-band or slightly flexed muscle. 




    NC silicone (Near Clear) is the newest addition to our lineup, but is more geared towards special pours and show pieces, as it is much more translucent than standard EcoFlex. Pieces poured in Near Clear tend to show mold flaws more prominently than pieces poured in standard EcoFlex silicone. NC is both more expensive, and trickier/more time consuming to work with. Products cast in NC will be priced higher than those case in standard EcoFlex. 


    NC comes in both the soft 00-31 and Intermediate 00-45. It is worth noting that products cast in NC often feel much firmer than their EcoFlex counterparts. 


    Firm / 10A Silicone is a very rare feature for us and is not readily available in our inventory. 10A silicone is harsh on our molds and decreases the life of our molds by extension, and is harder to work with, stir, and pour. 

  • Do you still make (model name)?

    WyvernsVault has a rather extensive catalogue of squishies and models, consisting of over 30+ individual unique models. We're a one-man operated shop, and can only pour so much per drop, and as such, we like to rotate through our models every now and again, with no set schedule for when they'll return! 


    If there's a model you've seen from us in the past that you'd like to see again, keep an eye out for our tweets prior to our drop announcements, where we ask for model and pour requests! 


    Gargoyles are a seasonal feature and return in September for our anniversary, halloween, and Christmas, and small Naga and Quetz eggs may make very rare appearances in drops. 

Store Policies

  • I made a mistake while purchasing, can I cancel my order?

    Unless we have personally made a mistake, no, we unfortunately can not cancel your order. Please consider your orders carefully prior to checking out. 

  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?

    Due to the personal nature of our products, unless you have received the wrong item, we do not accept returns or exchanges for any of our products. 

  • I received my item, and it's smaller/larger than I expected?

    For every single one of our silicone products, we include the closest approximate dimensions in our listing information. If buyers neglect to read the information listed, or misjudge the dimensions, it is not our responsibility. Please read and consider the dimensions of the item you'd like to purchase carefully prior to purchasing! We are unable to assist with any issues related to this. 

  • I have an issue with my item/order!

    Please inspect your item for issues prior to removing it from the bag as soon as it has arrived, and please contact us as soon as possible if you have an issue with your order, and we will do our best to promptly resolve it for you. If we've made a mistake, we're here to help! 


    If you do not contact us within a few days of having received your item, and/or the item has been unbagged for some time, we may assume that the damage occurred after it arrived, which is not our responsibility. 


    Both full and partial refunds are exclusively made on a case-by-case basis, and are solely upon our discretion- for minor issues, we may offer a partial refunds. For more extreme issues, we will request that you return the item to us for inspection and safe disposal prior to a full refund being issued.


    Small, cosmetic/superficial flaws, such as scuffs, small indentations, printer texture, pigment speckles, mold flaws, or anything listed in the special item notes of your specific item, will not be subject to refunds, as these fall under our general disclaimer under our TOS, and we reserve the right to decline to refund you for your item or order. 


  • What is a 'flop,' 'flawed,' or 'mega flop,' item?

    A ‘flop’ is an item that contains a noticeable flaw which may require additional care while cleaning. To compensate for these defects, ‘flopped’ pieces are typically discounted.


    A ‘mega flop,’ is a flaw that is very noticeable and may even be felt in use, and will require additional care while cleaning and handling. To compensate for significant defects, ‘mega flop,’ pieces are typically sold with a considerable discount. 


    In some instances, if the ‘flaw,’ is minimal, an item will simply be listed with a ‘special item note,’ which is always denoted by a ‘**’ in the item title ( eg."  ** Small Nagi - Soft / 00-30 " ) We encourage buyers to read special item notes, as they may effect whether or not you'd like to purchase an item. 

  • How do you determine that a toy is a flop?

    Because no two items are exactly alike, what we determine is or isn't a flop varies from piece to piece, and especially between different models. 


    Some models, particularly more elaborate or details models, are more prone to getting air bubbles or scuffs than others- if more than half of the pieces pulled from an individual mold have the same ‘flaw,’ they can not be considered true ‘flops,’ as the word ‘flop’ indicates that something was done incorrectly in the manufacturing (pouring, casting, pulling, trimming) process.  


    Our squishies, which are not intended for internal use, are not required to meet the same quality standards as our insertable or adult toys, and we are a lot more lax with what we do or don't determine to be a ‘flop,’ for these by extension. 


    If an adult toy has a specific flaw or defect that is not normally present on the same model and size, such as:



    -large pigment chunk or entrapped pigment that can be felt

    -accidental inclusions (silicone fragments or fuzzies,) 

    -nicks, tears, or repairs


    We generally consider these to either be ‘flops,’ or otherwise will have a ‘special item note/ **’ to allow buyers to make an informed purchase. Items that contain flaws from mold flaws are generally not considered flops, as everything cast in the same mold will have that same flaw, along with anything that falls under our ‘general disclaimer’ in our ‘TOS.'


    Many ‘flaws' will be filled in with silpoxy, which is what most makers use to make repairs on platinum silicone products. 


  • How do you determine that a 'squish only' model is a flop?

    In our squish models, air bubbles or mold flaws are a lot more common, as a lot of our squish models contain a lot of precise details- things like wings, claws, chins, horns, tails, and individual limbs, frequently entrap air, and most of the time, as these flaws do not effect the utility or structural integrity of the item, which are also not required to be body safe, we will not deem these pieces as ‘flops.’ 


    However, things can still go wrong in the manufacturing process, and some flaws fall outside what we consider acceptable under our general product disclaimer. 


    Some things we consider to be flaws on our squishes: 

    - Air bubbles on a piece that does not typically accumulate air bubbles

    - Large pigments chunks/flecks that have been removed or can be felt, 

    - Accidental inclusions like silicone or fuzzies 

    - A noticeable portion of a piece missing

    - Large nicks, scuffs, or tears 

    - Curing issues, which may result in an unusual texture


    Things we consider to be acceptable, and fall under our ‘general disclaimer’ under our ‘TOS:'


    - small pigment flecks or speckles 

    - small scuffs or indentations 

    - small air bubbles/air entrapment on models that frequently accumulate them due to molding or casting issues 

    - Imperfect trimming of bases, as this is something necessary, finicky and done by hand 


    Flops are judged on a case-by-case basis, and may not always be caught during our rounds of QC prior to photographing, listing and shipping. 

Shipping Policies

  • How discreet is your shipping?

    WyvernsVault ships as discreetly as possible while still retaining the necessary information to ensure your package reaches you safely. We ship in plain white or brown cardboard boxes, and our white shipping labels display 'WV Creative' for the return addressee. 


    For international customers (orders placed outside of Canada) the package contents will be described as “Silicone Sculpture” on the customs forms on the outside of the box along with the value of the item(s) enclosed. This is required for international shipping. 

  • What shipping services do you use?

    WyvernsVault ships exclusively with Canada Post- the most economical, and in our experience reliable shipping method available. Outside of the holiday season and emergencies, once shipped, packages generally arrive fairly quickly! 


    For international customers, once your package leaves Canada it will be handed over to and delivered by your national postal courier. 

  • Where do you ship?

    We ship internationally, but depending on where you live, and depending on any potential natural disasters or world issues currently ongoing, Shopify may have issues displaying shipping rates to your country. 


    If you'd like to purchase with us but can't see a rate for your area, please reach out to us using the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website. 



  • Do you offer combined shipping?

    Yes! We have always offered combined shipping, and we still offer combined shipping! 


    We combine shipping automatically, there is no need to message us to ask us about combinations, as long as the orders are placed under the same name and address! 


    As this must be done manually, the process is quite time-consuming, and sometimes requires an upwards of a full working day to process all combinations and shipping overage refunds.


    WyvernsVault will retain a service fee of $2.00 per order combination, along with the funds needed to cover the increased shipping fee. Shipping is calculated by both weight and package size, which increases with each item added. 


  • Do you accept address changes?

    While we do ask and encourage buyers to double check their shipping addresses prior to purchasing to reduce our workload, yes! Please contact us ASAP if you've noticed you checked out with the wrong address. If you fail to contact us within 24 hours of purchasing, we can no longer guarantee your address can be fixed.


    Please note that, once your order has been shipped, we are no longer responsible for any errors in the shipping information you've entered or given us- we can only ship with the information you've given us or emailed us to correct. We can not be held liable for incorrect shipping information you've entered and failed to contact us within the specified timeframe about! 

  • My order was marked as delivered, but my order has not arrived?

    Don't panic, this can be for a few different reasons! 


    The most likely and common cause is that your local courier marked your package as ‘delivered’ prior to actually attempting delivery- in these instances, packages will usually turn up one or two days later, but it may sometimes take a week to arrive. Please note that this is completely beyond our control, and we are not liable for how your local courier deals with parcel tracking. 


    With us shipping out of Canada, and most of our buyers being based in the USA, tracking can sometimes get a little weird- Shopify uses their own integrated tracking service by default, but this information sometimes isn't 100% accurate. We encourage you to enter your tracking number into your local courier's website for the most accurate and up-to-date tracking information. 


    In very rare instances, your parcel being marked as delivered but not yet arriving can indicate complete misdelivery, or loss of the package- for any concerns regarding your package, please contact your local post office to inquire about your parcel, and have your tracking number ready! We are unable to assist you with local delivery issues, and are not responsible for misdelivered or stolen shipments! 


    If a full week has elapsed since your order was marked as delivered, and your orders still hasn't arrived, please contact us with your full name, address, phone number, and tracking number, and we can enter a ticket with Canada Post for you! 


    This process will launch an investigation, and can take a full month to fully elapse in some cases. This process will either result in delivery of your parcel, or in us remaking and reshipping your order once Canada Post has deemed it officially lost. 



Product Care

  • How do I clean my silicone products?

    As silicone is non-porous and hygienic, a simple wash with some mild, unscented soap and water will fully suffice in most cases! This will clean your toy of any fibers, hair, dust, or other debris that may have accumulated.


    We encourage you to wash your toys before and after each use. You may also use an anti-microbial toy cleaner if you prefer to do so, just know that unscented mild dish or hand soap will work just as well! 


    For a more thorough clean, especially in instances of shared use or just routine cleaning, you may also clean your toys by fully submerging them in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, or putting them in the dishwasher on the ‘sanitize’ setting without soap, or you may instead fully submerge your toy in a 90% water and 10% bleach solution and then rinse your item - just remember to never boil bleach or bleach solutions, which is incredibly dangerous and possibly fatal. 


    Repeated boiling or frequent boiling may result in discoloration or alterations in firmness over time- more gentle methods are recommended to increase the longevity of your toy. 

  • How do I store my silicone products?

    For adult toys, after cleaning, please ensure your item is fully dry before storing- cotton or polyester bags are recommended for storage, which offer an additional layer of protection for your toy, especially when storing with products that are not or may not be 100% platinum cure silicone. 


    If your toy is unbagged and placed directly onto paper, unsealed wood, or cardboard, while your toy will not be damaged, it may leak silicone oil naturally overtime which may stain certain surfaces. 


    Do not allow your silicone toys to be in direct contact with anything that might not be 100% pure platinum cure silicone- especially latex, pvc, or jelly toys, as these may ‘melt’ your toys and damage them irreversibly. As long as your other toys are also 100% pure platinum cure silicone, it will be completely safe to store them together while touching. 


    Never store wet toys in sealed bags, or wet toys in enclosed, dark places, as this can result in and encourage mold growth, which will irreversibly damage your toy- silicone is durable, but it can still be damaged by improper storage.  



  • What do I do if my toy or silicone product has been damaged?

    In most instances, besides some additional attention and care while cleaning, minor nicks, scuffs, or tears will not effect the durability or structural integrity or use of your toy. 


    In more extreme instances, deeper tears or nicks may worsen overtime due to repeated stress, and may be repaired with the use of a product by Smooth-On called ‘Sil-Poxy,’ which can be ordered online or purchased at some hardware or craft stores. This product is fully compatible with platinum cure silicone, and is something we also use for any repairs we need to make on flopped products. 

  • What kind of lubricant should I use with my silicone toy?

    We strongly encourage the use of water-based lubricant, but high quality coconut oil may also be used without damaging your product.


    Do not ever use silicone lubricants, hybrid lubricants, or anything containing silicone oil on your platinum  silicone toys, as they may irreversibly damage them by ‘melting’ the surface- which makes them sticky/tacky to the touch, or otherwise damage them.


    If you're uncertain about a specific brand, you may ‘spot-check’ your lubricant on the base of your toy- we are unable to confirm whether or not specific brands are or aren't safe for use with your silicone products. 


  • How many employees does Wyvernsvault have?

    One-- Just me! Dany! 

  • Are you hiring?

    We are not hiring, but thank you for your interest. 

  • I'm looking to start my own business, how do I get started?

    There are plenty of tutorials and resources available online for you to peruse, along with several communities dedicated to helping beginners.  

  • I purchased silicone product name from you on Etsy some time ago, what was it made out of?

    The only silicone Wyvernsvault has ever used and will continue to use for casting is 100% pure platinum cure silicone- any silicone you've purchased from us in the past or presently is made out of the same exact material we use today!

  • I'm a product reviewer/company, how can I obtain one of your products for free?

    Thank you for your interest, but the only reviewers we can provide free products for are the ones we personally choose and contact. 


    We are just a small business and can not afford to hand out free products to everyone who asks!

  • I run a website/blog/magazine, can you hire me to advertise your products?

    Nope, but thank you for your interest!