Vishap is a large, underwater, shark-like and dragonesque elemental creature. His massive, shark-like tail propels him through the waters of his natural habitat with ease, and his powerful legs and large, clawed feet carry him upright and bipedal on land.


Vishap comes in small and medium, and in two variations- the standard model, which has a larger, finned base, and the V-Plug model, which has a narrow, small base. 


The V-Plug variant is NOT anal safe.




The water was dark as you plunged into it's turbulent and icy depths, your lungs protesting as your eyes struggled to adjust to the immense darkness.

You were cold-- freezing, even, as you tried, your limbs kicking and flailing, with ever fiber of your being to resurface, and it was nothing short of anguishing for you to see the moonlight refracting off the surface of the ocean, just a dozen or so meters above you. Your freedom seemed so, so close, yet just beyond your grasp, as you lost feeling in your limbs, and the edges of your vision began to fade. 

You're not certain what it or he was-- perhaps a monster of the deep, or perhaps a god of the ocean itself-- but the glow of the markings wrapping around his large, strong body and the luminescence of his eyes were ethereal, to you, in a place as dark as desolate as this-- forever imprinted into your fuzzy memory of the events that had transpired in the moments leading up to your either extremely fortunate, or with the precise circumstances taken into consideration, dreadfully misfortunate meeting. 

Perhaps he could sense the kindness of your soul, or perhaps the brightness of your fighting spirit-- but for whatever reason, he had found you, and he must have saved you- his large, clawed hands were both gentle yet firm around your much smaller body, his massive tail propelling you both to the surface of the ocean.

At some point shortly thereafter, unconsciousness claimed you-- shock and exhaustion taking their toll, and your recollection ended there.

You still aren't quite certain if what you saw was real, or if it, or he was a figment of your imagination-- but maybe you choose to believe, your life could be proof of precisely that, and even if it was only for a few, fleeting moments, you could never quite forget him.


Artwork done by PurpleSong & Background done by WyvernsVault