This model is called the 'Nagi' (which is typically a feminine form of word 'Naga;') a species of mythical serpentine-humanoid creatures residing in caves or underwater, speculated to have full functioning societies of their own- not unlike merfolk.

The inspiration behind this model was to have something beginner friendly that wouldn't pose too much of a challenge, while also still being usable for more experienced toy users. The model features a gentle taper, with a small, knot-like swell towards the base- serpentine, much like it's namesake. 


Small Nagi: 

Length: 5.5"/ 14cm
Usable Length: 4.5" / 11.5cm
Widest Circumference: 5.5" / 14cm  


Medium Nagi:

Length: 7.0" / 18cm
Usable Length: 6.0" / 14-15cm 
Widest Circumference: 7.0" / 18cm



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