This model is called "Isurus."

This model bares a close resemblance to that of a Polyphyodont creature's teeth- a creature that has teeth that are continuously replaced and placed in rows. Like it's namesake, it is inspired by shark teeth in particular, but also heavily takes inspiration from dragons.

This model features gentle serrations along the underside that will work well for both external and internal stimulation, and also provide an interesting tactile sensation. This model is completely non-phallic, and among other things, has the potential to make an excellent, although perhaps somewhat obscure desk companion or display piece. Along the backside, there are subtle vertical grooves that run lengthwise along the usable portion of the toy.

Adorning the base of the backside is a second miniature tooth intended for external stimulation, featuring more prominent 'serrations.' The most prominent feature of this model is the taper from tip to base- this is designed in part as a stretching toy with it's gradual increase in girth.



Insertable Length: 4.5"

Full Length: 5.5"

Max Circumference: 6" 



Insertable Length: 5" 

Full Length: 6.4"

Max Circumference: 7" 






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