This model is called "Hedera."

Hedera is heavily plant/vine inspired, much like it's namesake - Hedera (Ivy.) It features noteworthy vine-like ridges winding around the base and sides, with leaves adorning the entirety of the base. The selling point is the intricate head, heavily inspired by a budding flower or plant, with small nubs adorning the underside of the slightly flared crown. This model offers more length than girth, and might also be considered our take on a more traditional shape some adventurers might be familiar with. Hedera is a female dryad-like creature.



Insertable Length: 5" 

Full Length: 6.4"

Max Circumference: 4.5" 



Insertable Length: 6"

Full Length: 7.5"

Max Circumference: 5" 





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