As long as the billing addresses and names match exactly, we automatically combine orders!

If the billing addresses and names do not match exactly (that means spelling, capitalization, and punctuation) please contact us for order combinations. You should be able to verify this when you look over your order confirmations!

Our combination service fee is $2 per order combination!

Orders have to be manually combined, which is quite time consuming, often taking an upwards of 1-3 hours after a drop. This ensures we are compensated for the additional steps this takes us in addition to covering any additional/unforeseen fees.

You can place as many orders as you need to secure the critters you wish to purchase!

As long as your billing information matches exactly, we will manually combine your orders and refund any shipping overages-- shipping overages are whatever is leftover after shipping is recalculated to reflect the increased weight/dimensions of your new parcel.

Our $2 service fee will apply to each order individually + any additional shipping incurred due to increased weight/package size!


We're sorry, but we do not, under any circumstances (unless we have made an error) offer order cancellations!

We do not make exceptions to this rule due to changed plans, buyers remorse, life changes or impulse buying. We ask that you please consider your purchases carefully!

Most of our sales follow our drop times-- for about one hour after a drop we get 90% of our monthy traffic. If we have 200 eyes on the site during that one hour, there are increased odds of someone purchasing any given item in inventory.

If you purchase that item, and then change your mind an hour or so later, we no longer have 200 other potential buyers for that item.

We understand life happens, so please consider your buying situation carefully prior to committing to your purchase.

We do not accept order returns under any circumstances, sorry!

Once something has left the shop and the package has arrived to you and been opened, that item is no longer defined as a new item, and can not be resold in our shop.

Due to the nature of our business, I'm sure you can understand why us selling potentially opened/unsealed items as new items may be defined as an unsafe business practice. (At least by our standards.)

If you change your mind or don't like what you receive, at any point, there are secondhand markets available where plenty of people may be happy to purchase it off of you for a similar cost.


A pre-shop is a short window where you can view all of our new inventory prior to our drop times.

This allows you to more carefully consider your purchases and helps reduce the risk of impulse buying and buyers remorse.

During this time (45 Minutes - 1 Hour) ALL of our NEW inventory being uploaded is temporarily marked as "Out of Stock."

These items are not sold out, they just aren't purchasable until our drop time!

Generally, about an hour before our drop time, we activate all of our new listings but mark them as 'out of stock' to prevent them from being purchased until the designated drop time.

These listings are only temporarily marked as sold out, but will be made available as soon as our drop time occurs!

Finding what you'd like to purchase ahead of time and opening them in new tabs and refreshing the pages when our drop happens, may help you increase your odds of getting what you'd like to purchase. If the site is still down for maintenance, you may be redirected from your item page, but the URL will be the same!

15 Minutes before our drop time, we put our website in maintenance mode while we stock everything to ensure they'll be ready for purchase when our drop occurs. Doing this helps ensure the listings load at the same exact time for everyone.