Guided Custom Policies

Guided Customs / Surprises:

As indicated in the title, guided customs are precisely that- guided- what that means is you provide a prompt or direction, and we use our artistic vision and liberty to make something in our minds eye. 


What we can't and won't guarantee: That you'll receive something similar or identical to a specific pour you have in mind. 


What we can guarantee: That you'll receive something unique and one of a kind in the colors, firmness, and with any additives  you've requested and paid for. 


Guided customs are not for everyone! While we try our best, there's always a chance you might dislike what you receive. We can't guarantee you'll love it- that is why we recommend guided customs only to folks who don't have specific expectations or a precise vision. These aren't full customs, and should not be treated as such. 


Certain things we are happy to attempt! If you have something you're uncertain about in mind, we ask that you communicate it with us ahead of time just so we can give you an answer in regards to whether or not it's possible/we want to do it. 


We reserve the right to cancel or decline any guided custom order we feel is too complex or lengthy. This is a rare occurrence, but a possibility nonetheless. More complicated requests means more repours and more time spent on singular pours- with it being an upwards of three hours minimum per pour with cure times. 


We do not send approval photos before shipment. We aim to get our guided customs done as quickly as possible, and sending out approval photos does lengthen the process as well as grant the opportunity for folks to request changes to their original ideas, after their item has already been poured- something we can not allow. 

Seasonal Models