** UVGITD - Large Vash - Soft 00-30

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Special Item Notes/** :  

 Horn missing one tip on base 

Dimensions (Approximate): 



Full Length: 8"

Insertable Length: 6.75"

Max Circumference (Swell): 7.25

Min Circumference (Neck): 6.5


Item Notes: 

This is a handfinished, handmade item made in 100% pure body safe platinum cure silicone, with cosmetic grade non-toxic pigments. As the master (original model) is finished by hand before molding, there may be very minor cosmetic surface irregularities or imperfections. All WV toys currently have a glossy finish. 

While I try my best, I can not guarantee any of my models are 100% cosmetically perfect with the finishing and molding process taken into consideration- however, unless otherwise noted, these cosmetic variations will not impact usability or structural integrity, nor impact the lifespan of your toy so long as proper care is taken when washing and storing. 


Special Notes: 


Due to a molding issue, Large Vash may have a slightly lopsided base and may have two small air bubbles near the flat portion of the base. These are not visible and will not effect use or structural integrity

Vash is a collaborative anthropomorphic bat/wyvern inspired model made with Artist @speggaroo and @BatBites on twitter. Check out "Hydor" to see Vash's grinder equivalent!



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