UV/GLOW - Mini Khra Bust - Supersoft/00-20 Firmness

UV/GLOW - Mini Khra Bust - Supersoft/00-20 Firmness

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Mini Dimensions (Approximate:) 


Length: 3.5"

Height: 1.5"

Width: 3"



Item Notes: 

Khra, Veld, and Ris mini busts are pocket-sized and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Larger, full-sized additions to this family will be made later this year! 


This is a hand-finished, hand-made product, and as such, may have minor surface or cosmetic imperfections or variations such as scuffs or pigment freckles. Mini Gators may have the tips of a couple of their toes missing in some instances 

These are not considered flaws or floppable offenses, and will not be subject to discount or refunds