Glow - Medium Sea Slug- Supersoft/00-20

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One of the members of the WyvernsVault family- the sea slug. This friend was designed as a stim/stress toy, but is made with the exact same materials and methods of our adult toys- 100% pure platinum cure silicone and cosmetic grade Mica pigments.

This is a Medium seaslug.



This is a hand-finished, hand-made product, and as such, may have minor surface or cosmetic imperfections or variations such as scuffs or pigment freckles.

 Seaslugs are also prone to getting air bubbles under the fins- large ones will generally be repaired with silpoxy, and will be noted down. 

These are not considered flaws or floppable offenses, and will not be subject to discount or refunds.

Special Item Notes: 

Dimensions (Approximate):

Height: 1.8"

Length: 5.5"

Max Circumference: 6.0"