Flawed - UVGITD- Small Aamon - Supersoft 00-20

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Flop Reason / Special Item Notes : 

Irregularity in handpainting on teeth (texture is weird due to alterations to the handpainting I attempted to make with silpoxy)


Mini Dimensions: (Approximate)

Shaft Length: 2.5"

Shaft Circumference: 3.5"

Total Length: 4"

Base Circumference: 7.5"


Small Dimensions: (Approximate)

Shaft Length: 3.0"

Shaft Circumference: 4"

Total Length: 5"

Base Circumference:  9.25"


Aamon's of all sizes and firmnesses may feature small mold flaws, such as scuffs. These are handmade, handfinished, and hand poured items and as such the finished pieces may not be perfect. 


Aamon is a packer originally designed and sculpted by Venus  

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