ADD ON: Tip Jar - Mini Mollusc Pride Packs

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It's that time of year again! Our mini pride mollusc packs are back-- now new and improved with 5+ different mini molluscs in each pack! 

Each pack may contain one of each the following: Land Snail, Sea Bunny, Slug, Nautilus, Skull Snail, Snailshroom AND some may contain a mini Chromie (new sea slug!) 

Due to the cost of shipping materials, these are add-on only! Thank you for your understanding! 

Special Item Notes/ ** : 

Please note that not every snail/slug will have every color of the flag, as these are very tiny and precision is difficult at this scale.

Oops! Odds & Ends packs will NOT contain all of the available models! Snailshrooms & Nautilus are exclusive to the other packs! 

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